Leftover Love: LECHON SALAD (Roasted Pig Salad)

Okay, I know I promised you healthy stuff, but this is just too good not to post here.

First, let me educate you a little bit about Filipino food…

What is LECHON? It’s a famous and favorite Filipino delicacy. It is basically a whole pig slow-roasted over burning coal, usually in an exterior setting. They are served chopped and

Almost everyone loves lechon here in the Philippines. Big events (weddings, town fiestas, graduation to name a few) and even some small family gatherings/celebrations almost always has lechon in the handa (food preparations). It’s mostly, if not always, the highlight of the dining part of the event.

At Nueva Vizcaya’s Lechon Festival. (photo from Interaksyon.com)

The Pinoys’ most favorite part of the lechon is the skin. When freshly roasted, it is crispy, savory, and juicy, which makes people literally fight over it at the catering table!

That being said, Lechon Salad is quite oxymoron-ic since we always associate salads with healthy eating, while with pork/pig, it’s the opposite.

Honestly, I feel that the guilt over eating juicy roasted pork is neutralized by the vegetables in this dish I’m presenting to you. (and when I say “vegetables,” i meant the tomatoes XD)


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Leftover Love: Cheesy Grilled Chicken and Broccoli in Pita Pockets


So I haven’t been posting in almost a year. Work’s been crazy, and when you’re part of a television show that’s airing five nights a week, it could take up most of your time–even preparing food.

When I’m too busy with work, I’d rather spend my free time sleeping, or hanging out with friends and family–which most of the time meant eating out and less time spent online ;)

I’ve still been preparing meals from time to time, though, but I only got to post them through my Instagram account like this Cheesy Grilled Chicken and Broccoli in Pita Pockets.

It’s one of the easiest food preparations I’ve done. It’s pretty straightforward: cheese, chicken, broccoli, and wheat pita pockets. You can even use leftover grilled chicken, which I did, to save you time and money for those lazy days.



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Avocado+Yogurt Ice Cream Pie

I always see avocados in different dishes I see in Instagram and Pinterest, especially those under the “healthy” category. Aside from desserts and with other fruits, I see them on tortillas, sandwiches, rice meals, and the like. I didn’t know they could be used in savory meals. I used to only like avocados in shakes and with ice and condensed milk as a kid.

I didn’t want to be that experimental in my first time using avocados in food I prepared (I didn’t want to waste the avocados), so I made this dessert first.

I call this, “Elsavocado.” Because even in this chilly weather, I’d make and eat this ice cream. The cold never bothered me anyway.

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Breakfast Time: Fruits, Grains, and Nuts.

Preparing breakfast shouldn’t always be difficult and time consuming. Many of us skip breakfast just because we “don’t have the time.” Now why is it always like that? Isn’t it supposed to be “fast” after all? >_<”

The notion of “preparing breakfast takes time” usually applies to the savory dishes such as bacon and eggs, hashbrowns, and other stuff you have to cook. Of course there are other breakfast treats aside from those. But you might think, bread is not enough, and cereals are too “blah.”

Cereals are of course the first easy-to-prepare breakfast we can think of.
Aside from bread, cereals are of course the first easy-to-prepare breakfast we can think of.

But there’s always a way to have a complete breakfast without cooking: FRUITS, GRAINS, and NUTS.

In other terms, those would be vitamins, fiber, and protein, in order. Healthy, complete, and yummy!

As long as you have the ingredients, you can combine almost anything and be on the go in a jiffy. Just like with this baby right here:

It takes less than 10 minutes to come up with this yummy concoction in a jar!

From bottom-up: rolled oats, honey, kiwi slices, greek yogurt with blueberry syrup, red apple slices, another layer of rolled oats and honey, topped with almonds, pistachios, cashews, macadamia nuts, and mangosteen. Mix and go!

Just mix some fruits, grains, nuts, and dairy in a jar and you’re good to go! You can even bring and consume this on your way to work if you’re not driving. You can even consume a whole jar in a 15-minute commute.

Another fancy way to prepare it is like this parfait:


Now this mix is much simpler, that you can even make this in around 5 minutes.

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